The ICC Is A Go

After 50 years of fighting the Intercounty Connector will finally be built.

[U.S. District Judge Williams,Jr.], who sits in Greenbelt, noted that in the five decades the intercounty connector has been in state transportation plans, the road had been rejected before as too environmentally damaging. However, he wrote, the state’s latest study “thoroughly considered, examined and, most importantly, corrected the deficiencies from previous failed attempts.” The federal government’s approval of the project was within “the bounds of reasoned decision-making,” he said.

I’m agnostic on the value of the ICC. If you’ve experienced the rush hour on I-270 or I-95 you have to believe that at least some of that would be relieved by the ICC. There are all kinds of competing traffic studies out there but one only needs to look at Metro’s Green Line to see how totally wrong the experts can be.

What I am not agnostic about is the deleterious effect upon public policy of whiney and well-funded special interest groups, groups with a tenuous, in indeed any, connection to the area parachuting in to tie up projects in court and increase the costs of the projects for little apparent reason other than to use their court battles as a fund raising gimmick.

The ICC has been studied to death. While there is legitimate opposition to the ICC from residents who are being displaced or who will have the ICC as a next door neighbor, that inconvenience cannot be allowed to trump the ability of state and local governments to carry out public works.

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