The Examiner on Taxes

From the Examiner

Tyranny — especially tyranny in the name of the public good — must be protested. The government does not need our money, as numerous analyses show that merely lowering the growth rate of state spending would eliminate the deficit. And O’Malley’s and Democrats’ revenue estimates — which show the state closing its $1.7 billion “structural” deficit with the new tax regime — do not take into account that people will spend less or buy elsewhere with the new taxes in place. Worse, people and businesses will just move out of our state or not come here in the first place.

Nowhere have we seen a plan to cut government salaries or eliminate the hundreds of millions wasted by government agencies — as highlighted by the legislature’s own Office of Legislative Audits. This makes legislators’ behavior different only in scale from Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s demands for billions from U.S. taxpayers to patrol the Afghan border for terrorists without being able to account for how the money is spent.

We must not be cowards through complacency. Contact your legislators. Silence only makes it easier for legislators to rob us again the next time around.

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