Stupid FSP Tricks

Eric Luedtke seriously needs to get a clue:

Had Governor Ehrlich spent any time dealing with substantive issues like, say, a massive looming budget deficit, this special session would not have been necessary. Now we have a Governor who gets things done, and Ehrlich can spend time as a private citizen doing what he spent four years doing as Governor – sniping at Democrats.

Of course, had Governor O’Malley dealt with said issue by night trying to spend more than we have….oh never mind, the Democrats don’t understand economics, it’s not worth trying to explain any more.

Don’t be fooled, all of the nit-picking justifications for Republican opposition to the slots referendum are semantic excuses. For example, they say that putting slots legalization into the constitution is bad, this being a constitution so pure it has an article on off-street parking. The Republicans opposed the slots referendum for one reason, and one reason only: they wanted to screw O’Malley by sinking the special session. They abandoned their own professed beliefs for partisan ends. And the funny part is, they failed.

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Arguing the stupidity of some sections of the Constitution is no justification to add more stupidity to the Constitution. And what Luedtke still seems to refuse to address are the Democrats who are suddenly pro slots: I suppose they wanted to screw Ehrlich by sinking his administration? Which means either then or now, they abandoned their own professed beliefs for partisan ends.

I just can’t stand Luedtke’s intellectual dishonesty on these two issues. The fact of the matter is that Governor O’Malley and this special session have been miserable failures that are inflicting serious and potentially catastrophic damage to Maryland’s taxpayers and Maryland’s economy. But, as usual, Luedtke and the rest of the fringe left don’t give a damn about taxpayers and certainly don’ t give a damn about the middle class. Their goal is only to do whatever liberal leaders tell them to do. Their philosophy is “Individualism bad; Government is our master.” And it’s sad that people believe that government has an inherent right to all of the people’s money.

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