Stay Involved, Keep Fighting

One of the lone bright spots coming out of the largest tax grab in Maryland history, is the hornet’s nest of angry tax payers and citizens incensed over the actions of the O’Malley administration and the the Miller/Busch General Assembly.

To those of you who wish to make a difference and want responsive and responsible state government, you need to get active. Like Governor Ehrlich says, monopolies do what monopolies want to do because they are not held accountable. The only way to hold those who raised your taxes and adversely affected your families accountable, is to vote them out of office.

To do that we need an strong, organized, and effective opposition party. Right now the MDGOP is moribund to say the least. Despite this, the MDGOP still remains the best option to defeat the liberal monopoly in Annapolis and make Maryland a two-party state.

However, you must remain active and stay involved if we are to have any chance at success. One way to do that is to attend the Fall MDGOP Convention on December 1 in Westminster.

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You can meet the central committee members of your county, the state party leadership, and elected officials. This is a good way to see how the state party operates and to meet and network as well.

Most importantly it provides a way for you to do be active and do something proactive.

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