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State To Steal Unused Gift Certificates To Fund Education

See HB 30, sponsored by delegates Pena-Melnyk, Barnes, Braveboy, Cane, Conaway, Frush, Gaines, Glenn, Hammen, Holmes, Hucker, Ivey, Kaiser, Lee, Levi, McIntosh, Morhaim, Murphy, Oaks, Rice, Robinson, Ross, Stukes, V. Turner, Vaughn, and Walker.

Crossposted on Annapolis Politics

The bill would establish the “Maryland Education Fund”, which is funded by money that is leftover or not used on gift certificates or gift cards!! Can you believe this??!! Not only that, businesses that issue gift certificates would be burdened with maintaining records with the Treasury, because heaven forbid the state would be inconvenienced when stealing our money.

The bill goes on to describe when money leftover on gift certificates is classified as ‘abandoned’.

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