Senate Passes Tax Scheme

Robert Lang just reported on WBAL that the tax bill passed the Senate 24-23.

UPDATE: has the details on the 24-23 vote.

Nine Democrats joined Republicans in a losing effort. They were: John Astle* of Anne Arundel County;Jim Brochin of Baltimore County; Jim DeGrange* or Anne Arundel County; George Della of Baltimore City; Roy Dyson* of Southern Maryland; Kathy Kalusmeier of Baltimroe County; Rona Kramer* of Montgomery County;Norman Stone of Baltimore County; and Bobby Zirkin* of Baltimore County.

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*See Update II below

Zirkin, as O’Malley Watch noted, pulled a John Kerry and voted for this bill before he voted against it.

Baltimore County Senator Delores Kelley said she would vote against the bill if the sales tax were extended to landscaping services. Landscapers were promptly struck from the bill and she voted for it.

The big WHEW you hear is from Martin O’Malley and Mike Miller, whose plans Kelley’s threats nearly thwarted.

From O’Malley Watch:

SENATORS WITHOUT BACKBONE: The following Senators want to have it both ways. If just one of them voted for their constituents and kept the filibuster going, this tax bill would have died. Instead these folks voted to end the filibuster and now all our taxes are going up. Will Senators ASTLE, DYSON, KRAMER, DEGRANGE AND ZIRKIN please grow a backbone. It is directly their fault that this tax bill is moving forward and they should be held accountable if their constituents are against these taxes.

Need we introduce anymore evidence that the fix was in.

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