Schools Failing Minorities. Film at 11.

According to the Examiner:

Thousands of students in Maryland, particularly minorities, will be denied diplomas because they don’t receive the quality instruction needed to pass high school exit exams, civil rights groups say.

“We are not against the High School Assessments, but it is unfair to allow a high-stakes test when we are not in any way sure that students have been adequately prepared to take it,” said Natalie Woodson, education chairwoman for the state National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

“They have not had access to the rigorous curriculum that is necessary for them to pass the test.”

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This is the kind of martian logic that has created a lot of the mess. To believe this you have to believe that minority, except Asian, kids in affluent school districts are also deprived of the “rigorous curriculum” (note to Ms. Woodson, take a freakin look at the test questions before telling me how rigorous it is) that their white counterparts are not. How about the white students in Allegany and Garrett Counties, or on the Eastern Shore, who don’t have the resources lavished upon them that you find in Baltimore City and Prince George’s County.? No sympathy for them? Or the fact that Governon O’Malley’s education funding plan will penalize them by giving them a smaller share of resources than they have today?

I am just so tired of this perpetual cycle of race pimping and self-victimization. School performance is tied neither to race nor income nor the amount of money spent on a school system. It is tied directly to the value a child’s parents place upon education as demonstrated through their behavior.

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