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Same Old Script For Unethical Wayne

The actions of Wayne Gilchrest have now reached criminal proportions. He’s sent out at least his fourth campaign mailing paid for by the taxpayers. Does this guy even have his own account. I am seriously beginning to wonder. Ironically, he heads the latest mailer with “Maryland families can’t afford more of their money going to pay higher taxes”. Wow. I’d sure like to see the dent he’s personally put into the economy by forcing us to finance his campaign. This reeks of corruption and abuse of power to the highest proportions. What more can I say? Wayne has to go. I am all set to vote for Kratovil next year. Hopefully Pipkin will enter this race and possibly KO Gilchrest early.

The famous Lord Acton likely envisioned creeps like Gilchrest when he stated “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


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