Report: Tax Bills To Be Packaged For A Vote Tomorrow

I was forwarded this info. We need to keep calling our senators. Please read.


I know you have had lots of messages, but If you weren’t mad before, check out the latest developments. See attached Release from Senator E.J. Pipkin about the 20 + ADDITIONAL SERVICES discussed over the weekend to be added to the Sales and Use Tax bills: HB 11.

Then, take a look at HB -30 Establishing the Maryland Education Fund; providing that after a specified date, the balance remaining on a gift certificate shall be presumed abandoned; requiring a person that sells or issues a gift certificate in the State to remit to the Comptroller the remaining balance on gift certificates on or before a specified date each year.

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Here’s what we need to do: Ask every MFRW member(get your family members, neighbors and friends to call too) to call Wednesday morning, November 7, between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. the President of the Senate, Speaker of the House, the listed Committee Chairs and selected members of the Senate and House and say: I’m opposed to any new taxes. Please vote NO to any new taxes.

It is expected that the tax bills will be presented as a package Wednesday for a vote. It is extremely important that we ring the phones off the wall tomorrow morning. If you find the phone lines busy, send faxes and e-mails.

There are 4 Democrats who have said either publicly or by signing a “No New Tax Pledge” thatthey will not vote for any new taxes: They are: Senators Brochin, Della, Dyson and Stone. They need to be encouraged to hang in there and keep their word to their voters.

Senator Miller told Patt Parker that his phone is not ringing. Let’s fix that.

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