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Refuge Podcast #48 – Special Session Wrap-Up

The latest news, views and a little controversy await in the next installment of the Conservative Refuge Podcast. You can listen by visiting here:

In our opening segment, we have an interview with special guest Richard Falknor, Executive Vice President of the Maryland Taxpayers Association, discussing the recent special session. Mr. Falknor boldly discusses his disappointment with previously anti-tax legislators who failed to stop or even slow this tax juggernaut.

Our blogger roundtable convenes, with Red Maryland contributors Brian Griffiths and Mark Newgent, to wrap up the special session and relate all the details about the largest tax increase in Maryland history. Who were the winners and losers from the session? How did the lack of Republican unity in the House of Delegates harm the cause of taxpayers and where do we go from here?

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Our blogger contributors offer their insight and opinions.

In our closing segment, I provide an update on the backlash to the proposed Ronald Reagan Dinner we discussed in the last installment including a post from Red Maryland colleague Brian Gill about the hostile reception received by event organizers at the recent Wednesday Morning Republican Breakfast Club meeting. You will want to hear the details of the growing push back to this group.

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