Peter Franchot is a Whiney Little Girl

We’ve posted approvingly on Peter Franchot’s rather principled stands in the face of the O’Malley Steam Roller. He doesn’t have much to show for it but public life needs men of character.

He was the sole vote on the Board of Public Works against paying off two of one of the governor’s cronies with public funds on the now infamous New Kent land deal.

He was the voice of reason is asking that a special session be delayed until the General Assembly had up to date financial data.

Now in a post at the fringe left Free State Politics (btw, congrats Isaac, quite a get for your website), Peter Franchot throws all his hard earned credibility to the wind and has a good cry. His ill thought out diatribe against slots and his contempt for the commonsense of the average Marylander should be a warning sign to all of us that Peter Franchot, despite a basic honesty so rare in Maryland Democrats, is simply another tax and spend nanny-state liberal who views the citizens as incompetent boobs who should be wards of that nanny state.

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Given the choice between a whiney nanny stater and a corrupt pol, I’ll choose the corrupt pol everytime. The corrupt pol is more than willing to let you run your own affairs so long as he, as well as his friends and relatives, have periodic access to the public trough. The nanny stater not so much.

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