Most Will Pay More

So reports the Baltimore Examiner’s Len Lazarick.

This isn’t a surprise the non-comatose population of Maryland. We’ve known all along that Governor O’Malley’s tax scheme would end up with all of us paying more if for no reason other than the simple facts that corporations don’t pay taxes.

(A study released yesterday by the “non partisan, not for profit” Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy shows that even under the O’Malley scheme everyone’s tax burden increased with the highest percentage increase among Marylanders earning less than $61,500 per year. I wonder where they were when O’Gov was out touting his plan that didn’t affect 83% of the population?)

In a turnaround reminiscent of the title of a Christopher Hitchens book, the governor has now admitted as much.

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For weeks, a chief component of Gov. Martin O’Malley’s sales pitch for his tax package was that 83 percent of Marylanders would pay less under his plan to raise some taxes, and provide a little relief on others.

That wasn’t entirely true to begin with — if you added on all the taxes. But Wednesday, the governor had to concede that was no longer true “under what the Senate has done so far.”


How much more will typical families pay? That’s always difficult to determine. But legislative analysts estimated the effect on four households. A family with $40,000 in household income would pay $87 more. At $75,000, a family would pay $166 more. At $150,000, it would pay $332 more. And those earning $750,000 a year would pay $2,253 more.

Sure he blames the Senate committee, but his playing the victim in this caper is only believable if you approach it from the view of the Senate, and the General Assembly as a rubber stamp. They aren’t and Martin O’Malley has been around politics long enough to know this.

If one was cynical one would look at his rather hands-off lobbying effort and conclude that he is perfectly happy with what is going on in the General Assemby and he is perfectly willing to let them take the heat for raising taxes on virtually everyone.

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