Lest We Forget

As the Special Session rolls into the rear view mirror, last week’s promises to take action against those who made this recent tax increase possible begin the test of time.

In the interest promoting the “never forget” mantra, here is how the Gazette saw things:


Moderate Democrats — Some voted against the tax increases, but by and large, GOP challengers will flail all the Dems over what is likely the largest tax increase in Maryland history. Nay vote or not, anyone with a D after their name in a right-leaning district could face rough going in 2010.

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House GOPFive Republicans defected on the slots referendum measure, which made all the difference. Had the caucus stuck together, Democrats would have needed four more votes, a gap that may have been too great to overcome.”

Refresh your memory and let us gird ourselves to give all of these legislators a “rough going in 2010.”


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