Kujan: Take it from the Middle Class, they don’t need it….

While trashing State Senator Jim Brochin for listening to his constituents, Andrew Kujan unleashes this gem:

Of course, this is not unexpected from Senator Brochin, as he has worked with Republicans before to filibuster needed income tax increases. Forget the fact that perhaps if Brochin would have worked to pass these earlier increases, Maryland wouldn’t find ourselves so deep in the hole.

What math genius Kujan fails to realize is that these taxes are anything but “needed.” Maybe if O’Malley and the rest of the left wingers didn’t try to spend us back to the stone age, and maybe if the Democrats didn’t try to spend more than we have, maybe we wouldn’t find ourselves in a hole? Maybe? Just maybe?

Of course, that would be sacrilege because Kujan and other urban liberals likes to see the state government confiscate the hard-earned money of Maryland’s Lower and Middle Classes in exchange for no return. It’s appalling that Kujan believes that government should help make the lower and middle classes poorer to fund his precious government programs…

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