John Astle: Fake As A $3 Bill

As you probably know by know, John Astle voted against final passage of the tax bill, only after failing to stop such a measure from reaching the floor when he had the chance, and effectively showing his true (lack of) commitment in stopping the legalized theft that will soon haunt all Marylanders.

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As I predicted, he is wasting no time enjoying his political cover to spew the false rhetoric that he cares about the common man.

From today’s Capital:

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Both senators John Astle, D-Annapolis, and Ed DeGrange, Sr., D-Glen
Burnie, voted it down.

“I’m not a big government Democrat,” Mr. Astle said. “I had some
sympathy with people that don’t want to give up more of their money. I just in
all good conscience couldn’t support this package.”

Give me a freeking break.

When given the chance to comment on the danger of even higher tax increases that may be passed by people in the House that are allegedly more liberal than he, Senator Astle warned:

That has the potential for taking the wheels off this truck. If that
happens, it comes apart.

Don’t believe the Astle hype–he is as liberal as they come. When I have some time I will look up his voting record and post it as an edit to this post, but off the top of my head, he has supported in-state tuition for illegal aliens, and voted for tax increases on numerous prior occasions.

Rest assured that John Astle is a big-government liberal.

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