It’s so complicated and just too hard…

That seems to be the gutsy position staked out by House Appropriations Committee Chairman Norman H. Conway (D-Wicomico).

According to the Washington Post’s Maryland Moment that sums up Chairman Conway’s views on budget cuts.

“It’s easy when you just say it fast to take reductions,” Conway said. “When you start looking at what the impacts are, there are other items that come to fore.”

Sure other items come to the fore. Public employees unions. Teachers unions. Advocacy groups. They all come to the fore.

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But Mr. Conway is simply wrong in intimating that making the reductions in either hard or complicated. The fact is that if the state budget were merely frozen a current levels of spending we wouldn’t have this problem. If future increases were kept in line with the CPI or PPI we wouldn’t have this problem.

The only thing keeping the state legislature from making cuts is courage. Or a lack of it. Instead of being able to screw up the courage to face down a relatively small but vocal group of organizations, Mr. Conway and his colleagues have decided it is more expedient to simply screw Maryland taxpayers.

What a man. When I grow up I want to be just like him.

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