My colleague Streiff as noted went and contacted the offices of the sponsors of HB47 and HB48 that I wrote of yesterday. I am glad that Delegate Impallaria’s office responded by providing a copy of the Delegate’s Press Release on the matters.

What that doesn’t address, however, is the nannystatist attitude that the press release conveys. Let’s face it, if you read the release, basically the purpose of this legislation is to protect people from themselves by limiting their access to gambling facilities if they wish to play on credit or have gambling problems.

But aren’t these the same kind of arguments that we as conservatives ridicule when liberals want to protect people from themselves as it relates to guns?

It seems that Delegate Impallaria is opposed to slots. And that is fine and a reasonable position for a conservative to have, even if it is one I disagree with. However, it is very hard to be a consistent conservative while proposing legislation that sounds like something I would expect from the far left of Maryland’s Democratic Caucus…

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