I Don’t Get This

Why are ostensibly conservative Republicans sponsoring HB47 and HB48?

HB47 would require that a special gaming card be obtained in order to use slot machines, including the use requiring proof of identification to include a credit card, thumbprint, or social security number in order to operate a machine. It also requires that operators of slot facilities prohibit the use of machines by gambling addicts, and requires the facilities to collect taxes for the state.

HB48 inhibits commerce by prohibiting a slots operator to accept payment by credit card.

Call me surprised that Delegates Impallaria, Boteler, Dwyer, McDonough, and Shewell are sponsoring such legislation. Particularly Dwyer for HB47, since this would allow slot machine operators to collect social security numbers, in direct contradiction to a 2003’s HB134, of which Dwyer was the lead sponsor. That bill would have prohibited “a person from requesting, recording, or distributing the Social Security number or a portion of the Social Security number of an individual who is seeking to obtain consumer goods or consumer services as a condition of providing the consumer goods or consumer service” and would have authorized “the Attorney General to institute a civil action against a person who violates the Act to recover for the State a specified penalty.”

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Can somebody enlighten me as to why these conservatives are sponsoring such restrictive legislation?


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