How Mad Are You Really?

Many have expressed their consternation, nay anger, at the vote of Del. James King (R?-33A) to enable the largest tax increase in Maryland history. In case you missed it:

The Main Adversary’s Mark Newgent adds to our rich lexicon
O’Malley Watch (and commenters) set the record straight
Our friend Brian Griffiths documents King’s continued weaseling

And many more. As the guy who lost to King in the recent primary, I would be lying if I did not admit feeling some vindication, but rather than engage in a puerile “I told you so” let me offer some concrete suggestions to the many taxpayers angry with the Del. Milquetoast.

1. We have documented that King has ambitions for higher office, namely the District 33 Senate Seat in 2010 (assuming Sen. Janet Greenip retires). His likely rival is his colleague in District 33 Tony McConkey. Tony is a solid conservative (read endorsements here) and a consistent vote against slots and taxes.

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Send King a message that his plans are in jeopardy by sending a check to Del. McConkey

Friends of Tony McConkey
207 Cypress Creek Road
Severna Park, Md 21146

2. Many have suggested boycotting restaurants in which King has a small ownership interest. Take this one step further. Demand that Republican groups, like the West County Republican Club, not meet at these restaurants and vow to never support any group or candidate who has an event there.

King gets great mileage from making his places available to others. Boycotting his ability to collect political chits will do much more than trying to reduce overall business.

Start by emailing the West County Club President Eric Flamino and Vice-President Chuck Gast

3. As reported on the podcast, King is part of a new PAC trying to influence Republican politics in Anne Arundel County. They are trying to organize a dinner for January in the name of Ronald Reagan. If it is successful, King’s star will rise and he will have a lot of money to buy more influence (see #1).

Make sure you don’t support this dinner and encourage others to do the same. (The group has already removed his picture from their website.)

4. Keep writing letters to the editor decrying his vote, especially in the local papers in his district.

Baltimore Sun
Annapolis Capital,
Severna Park Voice LonnieL@SevernaParkVoice.Com

Every letter printed will be ammunition to use against him in 2010 and beyond.

5. Go visit him tomorrow morning at the Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club meeting at 7:30 am at the Eastport Yacht Club, 317 East Street in Annapolis.

King is counting that your memories are short, that your outrage won’t last, that no one reads the blogs and that he will be able to rewrite history in 2010.

Don’t let him get away with it.

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