Goodwin’s Gone

Baltimore City Fire Chief William Goodwin tendered his resignation to Mayor Sheila Dixon late yesterday.

After early praise for his leadership, Goodwin came under increasing criticism for poor leadership and high-profile scandals in the department, most notably the tragic death of cadet Rachel Wilson. Other issues included an investigation of an off-the books fund used to purchase equipment outside city procurement procedures.

Both the city’s fire fighter unions cast votes of no confidence in Goodwin.

Although Dixon was complimentary of Goodwin, saying, “The last year has been difficult for the department, and Chief Goodwin has provided the steady and consistent hand that was needed,” anyone not born yesterday knows Dixon was going to axe him after the election.

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This is the second city official to resign since Dixon won the general election last week. Parks and Recreation Director Connie Brown resigned last week.

Obviously Dixon is looking to make her mark after winning the general election. According to the Examiner she informed some city employees that they may need to reinterview for their positions.

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