George Della: Waffler

A few months ago we noted with some suprise that state senator George Della had signed onto the Americans for Tax Fairness Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

It is a pretty simple pledge. Not nuanced at all.

I, ____________, pledge to the taxpayers of the
_____ District of the State of _________ and to all
the people of this state, that I will oppose and
vote against any and all efforts to increase taxes.

Now Senator Della, a Democrat, signed this of his own volition. No one made him do it. This makes it all the more unseemly when he flounders about for reasons to break his pledge.

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Sen. George W. Della Jr. said he went to the Cross Street Market in South Baltimore last weekend and had trouble getting out of the place.

‘‘People were venting, and they’ve got a right to react,” said Della (D-Dist. 46) of Baltimore.

People tell him they don’t want an increase in the gasoline or sales tax.

‘‘I try to explain the problem and why we are where we are,” Della said.

He pins it on the court case that led to the Thornton plan that ramped up education spending in 2002. If the legislature fails to pay for education, the state could wind up back in court.

As we used to say in the infantry, the maximum effective range of an excuse is zero meters. What Senator Della offers up here is simply not true. The Thornton plan was not required to settle a court case and trimming its increase will not see Maryland vulnerable to losing another lawsuit. It simply is not true. Finito.

If Senator Della is really interested in the welfare of his constituents, which he says rightfully are working class folks, he should vote against tax increases unless they are offset with a hefty program of spending cuts or reductions.

No one expected Senator Della to sign onto this pledge. He is a Democrat and that is the party devoted to taxation. But he did sign it and he should have the courage to live by it.

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