Full Circle

Michael Swartz brought the Special Session and members of the Republican Caucus full circle when he made an excellent point about the pro-tax Republican legislators and the proposed State Central Committee bylaws.

You remember those don’t you? Particularly the one that would give the party the opportunity to endorse candidates in a primary?

As Michael notes:

It’s something to keep in the back of our minds for 2010, and another reason that any effort at “incumbent protection” should be rebuffed at our upcoming Fall Convention.

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Because the last thing that the state party needs to be doing right now is to protect any Republican who led us down this road of tax increases. This is the time to avoid any Linc Chafee/NRSC moments and to make sure that the bylaws are not amended to give protection to any incumbent (or any challenger to an incumbent, for that matter, given the current environment in certain Congressional races).


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