It is hard not to be pessimistic after last week’s episode of the special session.

Massive taxes rolled through with scarce contemplation. Goods and services to be subjected to sales taxes changed from committee vote to floor vote despite Senator Ulysses Currie’s assurances that lobbyists have no pull in Annapolis.

Five senators, in particular, bear the lion’s share of the blame for this. They could have held up the bill in committee and changed its more egregious provisions. They didn’t, willingly selling their constituents down the river in return for a pat on the head from Mike Miller.

In the House of Delegates what transpired was particularly shameful. A bill was finally passed around 1am Sunday with few, if any, of the delegates knowing what they had voted on.

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Any hopes that we had that concerns about the impact of these taxes on real people would offset fear of retribution by the Democrat part were certainly misplaced.

Our best hope this week seems to be that the expansive level of tax increases passed by the House be combined with the more regressive features of the Senate bill and maybe creating enough pain that voters will notice next year.

But I’m not counting on it

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