For Make Benefit of Glorious Leader

Laslo Boyd’s Gazette piece purports to tell us that Bob Ehrlich, Peter Franchot, and Mike Miller are on a race to irrelevance. Its a legitimate questions to ask, however it is ironic to note that:
1) Miller opposed the special session, and was a possible obstacle to O’Malley’s tax and spend scheme; 2) Ehrlich and Franchot are possible challengers to O’Malley in 2010.

In the din of Boyd’s ham handed criticism of Messrs Ehrlich, Miller, and Franchot what does he have to say about the governor, “O’Malley has managed to define the issues and to take the initiative very effectively in the early going of the special session.”

Somebody get Laslo a hanky, he’s got a smudge on his nose.

Boyd appeared on Ron Smith’s show yesterday and Smith made the assertion that Boyd favored the O’Malley tax grab. Boyd equivocated saying something to the effect that “I never said I was in favor of tax increases.”

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A quick look at Boyd’s campaign contributions gives you a good idea on where he stands.

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