Flash: Fixing a Budget Deficit Actually Easier When Spending is REDUCED

I want to take a minute to point out that at this moment in time, we don’t have a budget deficit. Indeed, the special session is predicated on an expected budget deficit for next fiscal year based on all the spending the Democrats want to do. If during the next regular session the legislature were to reduce spending, we wouldn’t have a deficit! If they simply waited until the regular session to do ANYTHING, good or bad, at least the public would have adequate time to show what they really think.

So why the special session? The Democrats have a monopoly on power, and they believe in big government, endless programs, and ever-growing taxation. They just can’t wait to shove it down our throats, and they don’t want to wait until the regular session because there is too high of a chance that the public would actually get what it wants–reasonable tax policy.

Moving on, even if you take the political-speak at face value, the purpose of this special session was to FIX the budget deficit. So what did our legislators do? Just the opposite.

A version of Governor O’Malley’s proposed expansion in health care coverage passed in the Senate yesterday, and a similar version of the bill is expected to pass in the House today. When the dust settles, THIS WILL COST US $200-$600 MILLION MORE EVERY YEAR.

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I have health insurance that covers myself and 1 other person, which costs me $582 every month. I own a seasonal business (7 months out of the year), and each of my 14 employees are eligible for health insurance, of which I pay 50%. Their premiums are either $209, $252, or $291 PER PERSON PER MONTH, and I pay my half year round–even when we are not operating. This is a lot of money that I pay–why should I have to kick in my share of $200-$600 million for everyone else?

For those of you who don’t like math, I will tell you that it is easier to eliminate a budget deficit when you spend less money. If, however, you wish to push through an unpopular program at a bad time with the least resistance possible, simply refer to what is happening this week.

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