Endorsements For Baltimore City

You may not know it due to the shameful lack of media coverage, but there is an election tomorrow in Baltimore City. At last check, Sheila Dixon hasn’t been out making the case to voters why they should come out and support her tomorrow. Perhaps she, like most others, view tomorrow’s election as merely a formality. Heck, she’s so confident in her victory, that’s she been spending the last two months making long term commitments like appointing a permanent police commissioner.

Baltimore needs a change. To that end, I am endorsing Elbert Henderson as the next mayor of Baltimore City. Unlike Dixon, there’s no ethics questions surrounding this guy. Mr. Henderson spent his adult life serving the citizens of Maryland as a Correctional administrator with the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commission. After his recent retirement, he took a similar position with the DC government. Having someone with a law and order background would be a welcome change in the mayor’s office. Status quo breeds corruption. The citizens of Baltimore deserve a man committed to making the city a better place. The citizens of Maryland, who financially support Baltimore, also deserve someone who’ll respect all we do help the city. Finally, some balance in the executive’s office would help Baltimore greatly.

Admittedly, I know very little about the other council races. I do however believe my fellow Red Maryland member Mark Newgent deserves a spot on the council. He’s a committed young man with good ideas and vision. The citizens of Baltimore would really benefit from such a guy in office.

For those that say neither have a chance tomorrow, I say it’s quite possible democrats could be caught napping. In the same way, some democratic voters may be fed up with business as usual. If republicans have been quietly working behind the scenes on a get out the vote effort, then it’s feasible a statement could be made. If not, then prepare for the same old, same old.

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