Drama in Annapolis

WBAL is reporting that the whole slots deal is on the verge of the China Syndrome. Key grafs:

Senate President Mike Miller is upset with both Governor Martin O’Malley and House Speaker Michael Busch, over the House of Delegates’ plans to approve a constitutional amendment, asking voters to approve slot parlors at five locations, but not approve a separate piece of legislation which determines licensing guidelines for slots parlors and how the money generated will be split.

Several delegates have told WBAL News, there are not enough votes to pass the slots legislation, but there are the 85 votes needed to put the amendment on the ballot next year.

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The delegates say the House will consider the separate slots bill in the regular session in January.

“There’s no guarantee there’s going to be a bill next year,” Miller told reporters today.

“It’s nonsense it’s a total fraud.”

And we get this bit of mystery.

Miller says someone in the House of Delegates “deceived” the governor and the Senate.

So the House has passed a bill to place the slots amendment on the ballot next year, but they have not come up with the enabling legislation. Ocean City is back on the list of sites so William Rickman’s donations to O’Malley still produce income. Miller is unhappy but it is really unclear that anyone besides Mike Miller cares.

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