Despite on not one, but two occasions endorsing the idea before, John Leopold is now dodging questions about his support of the O’Malley tax hikes:

Last week, County Executive John R. Leopold did not attend a rally by the Maryland Association of Counties that supported the tax increases. When asked about his position on the tax plan, Mr. Leopold’s staff said he had no comment. In the past, Mr. Leopold has campaigned as a fiscal conservative hesitant to raise taxes and committed to eliminating government waste.

I think Team Leopold is trying to avoid the issue because clearly Leopold supports the tax hikes and doesn’t want to explicitly say so when backed into a corner.

If John Leopold were honest….well, it would be the first time. But if he were being honest, he would come out and say that he supports the O’Malley tax hikes despite his long-time supposed opposition to raising taxes (his prior tax hike proposals notwithstanding, of course…)

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