For a few hours yesterday it seemed like that even if we couldn’t stop the freight train to perdition we could slow it down and have a bit of amusement before it arrived.

All it would have taken was the Republican caucus standing firm. The stand could have been made equally on principle or partisanship.

Apparently it was too much effort.

Three of the votes were from squishes. Being sold out by Mr. Kach is something Maryland Republicans have grown used to over time so his defection was not unexpected. Indeed, if Mr. Kach had remained faithful to the interests of his constituents rather than playing Pinocchio to Mike Busch’s Gepetto that would have been a stark departure from his go-along-get-along career to date.

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We had questions early about a usually reliable vote for the Republican caucus, Mr. Rick Impallaria. His proposals were more expected from a member of the MoCo delegation than from his district. We received some assurances from staff that his intent was to load the slots bill with amendments that most of the Democrat caucus could not vote against but which would hurt its chance of passage by the House and Senate. To his credit Brian Griffiths called bulls**t on this, to my discredit I bought it.

Without doubt the greatest disappointment is my own delegate Mr. Rick Weldon. We don’t know why he went along with this bill which enables the largest tax increase in Maryland history but this page is open to him to discuss that vote.

Without a doubt the most shameful performance has been by Mr. James King. Mr. King’s explanatory statement is a veritable shrine to a reckless disregard for facts, reality, and our intelligence. Our friend Martin Watcher joins in the comments.

So what now.

The Maryland GOP is in disarray, it seems as though at least a solid plurality of the county Republican committees are snakepits of poseurs carrying out powerplays for very small reward, and we can’t rely on our caucus to represent our interests in the General Assembly.

It is truly a great day to be a Maryland Republican.

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