Curt “Floppy” Anderson

I have a new nickname for Baltimore City Delegate Curt Anderson: Floppy.

Anderson repeatedly questioned the need for a special session, and opposed tax increases, especially the sales tax, which will hit his constituents in District 41 especially hard. He even suggested on C4’s show on WBAL that his party did not want him in Annapolis because of his opposition to the special session and tax increases.

What a difference a two weeks can make. Anderson voted yes across the board for the tax increases (HB2 and HB5).

Listen to Anderson’s lame attempt to square this circle. Anyone who thinks that the pittance of income tax relief for those on the lower end of the income scale will offset the sales tax increase AND the electricity tax increase is smoking some serious dope.

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Oh you didn’t know about the electricity tax increase (SB1). Well it really isn’t a classic tax increase, it is a repeal of a tax break for companies that generate electricity in Maryland. Like all businesses this will be passed on to the customer. If’ I’m not mistaken I thought O’Malley was elected to lower our energy bills. Remember that too when BGE goes before the PSC to ask for another rate increase.

Even though Anderson, and the House of Delegates did not vote an electricity tax, citizens of District 41 have no fear, your senator Lisa Gladden, voted for the electricity tax increase.

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