BREAKING: Is a Document Forging Scandal brewing in Annapolis?

Insider sources are telling me that there is now, of all things, an alleged potential document forging scandal in the General Assembly that could completely derail some of the proceedings.

As told to me, Delegate Mike Smigiel from District 36 noted that in the Maryland Constitution that one chamber cannot stand in recess for more than three days without a vote in that chamber, a message being sent to the opposite chamber, and a vote approving the recess in the opposite chamber. Smigiel, and attorney, wrote a memo to the Attorney General outlining his concerns.

Yesterday, Delegate Smigiel brought this point to the attention of the Speaker on the floor during session. The Speaker informed Smigiel that the Senate had notified the Speaker that the Senate would be in recess until Thursday (today). Smigiel asked to see a copy of the transmission, and when he saw it he noted that the message was dated November 9th (Friday), but timestamped with yesterday’s date.

Kicker is: the Senate proceedings and the Senate log note that the Senate was recessed until the 13th (Tuesday).

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So the question is: was the message from the Senate to the House forged as alleged? And if so, who ordered it to be done? And we all may find out very shortly as my source tells me that a non-profit organization is going to court and challenge the legality of the proceedings. Why? Because the Attorney General noted in his message to Delegate Smigiel that if the House was a violation of the Constitution were found, every action taken by the House since the Senate’s adjournment Friday would be null and void. Including the Saturday Night Massacre tax votes.

What to make of all of this? We’ll see. Right now, all we have are allegations. Who knows how many ways that the system could shut this down. But it is also interesting to see that this has not made it to the press yet. My source tells me that the reporters have known about this since yesterday, and it has not been discussed in any media outlet as of yet except for at the very bottom of this story on

China Syndrome indeed…


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