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Bobby Zirkin is a Dipstick

Yesterday we commented on the contempt that Bobby Zirkin and a few of his colleagues showed for our intelligence.

He, as well as Senators Astle, DeGrange, Dyson, and Kramer, tried to play David Copperfield by using a cheap exhibition of legerdemain as a vehicle for rape. They all voted in favor of the massive tax package in committee then turned around and voted against it on the floor.

Fine and good. But for God’s sake don’t rub our noses in your deceit.

From today’s Baltimore Sun:

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Sen. Bobby A. Zirkin, a Baltimore County Democrat who voted against the tax bill, said many elements did not seem well thought-out. “To throw things against the wall and see if they stick is not the way to do this,” he said.



Get a grip. You voted for this grab bag of taxes cobbled together in bars and crabhouses around Annapolis and allowed it to get to the floor. You are the one responsible for throwing this crap against the wall. You are the one responsible for it sticking.

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