Belly of the Beast

Thank you Bud and to all my Red Maryland colleagues for their support during the campaign. I would like to think that Bud’s prediction is accurate. Apparently some of the “enlightened” progressives of Baltimore don’t believe in first amendment rights for those who disagree with them. I spent a good part of Friday and Saturday placing campaign signs around my district. I placed them in public areas (i.e. traffic islands), I placed them in the same areas Democratic candidates placed their signs during the primary campaign this past summer. Most of signs were gone in less than 24 hours. See the pics below.

Let me also say this–because some people have a penchant for attributing thoughts and ideas to people that quite simply do not exist–In no way shape or form do I think this reflects on my esteemed opponent Mary Pat Clarke. She has too much class for anything like this.

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This is what my signs look like.

Here is what happened to one of them I put on the corner of University and 29th St.
(Photos taken on 11/5/2007, 6:00 pm)

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