At Least They are Consistent

Last month I asked the question what’s” the matter with MoCo? My point was that it would be interesting to track the votes of MoCo’s representatives during the special session given that their constituents would bear the brunt of the tax increases and foot even more of the bill for our government’s spending addiction. Would the MoCo delegation vote their progressive values and export more of theirs and their constituents money to the government maw, or realize that their own economic interests were at stake.
Well it appears that Blair Lee made the accurate prediction:

Montgomery’s state lawmakers support the governor’s income tax plan because it’s ‘‘progressive,” it taxes the wealthy who mostly live in Montgomery. So, as usual, our representatives place principle over politics. Taxing ourselves more is the right thing to do, they say. How can you argue against fairness, they ask?

MoCo representatives are so fair, it hurts.

In the Senate, all eight MoCo senators voted for the tax increase.
Senator Rona Kramer had a chance to scuttle by standing with the Republicans and the filibuster, but voted for cloture, which ensured that the tax increase would pass the Senate. Kramer voted “Nay” on the bill on third reading to save face.

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All but three of MoCo representatives in the House of Delegates voted for income tax increases.Kathleen Dumais, Luis Simmons, and Brian Feldman voted against it.

Kamikaze County indeed, “home of idealism run amok.”

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