Ass Kissing to the Extreme

I would be embarrassed to write something that was so genuflective of any individual. But, it’s just standard operating procedure for the gang on Calvert Street:

For three weeks, the State House has operated as a crucible as Gov. Martin O’Malley put the heat on the General Assembly to shape a compromise over his deficit-reduction package. It wasn’t always pretty. But in the end, lawmakers cast the tough votes to raise taxes and gave the governor much of what he wanted.

It was an impressive victory for Mr. O’Malley – with significant and lasting implications. At a minimum, it means the state’s structural deficit has finally been brought under control beyond the piecemeal, “take from Peter to pay Paul” approach of the last administration.

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While next year’s projected $1.7 billion deficit has been largely resolved, it will still require significant spending cuts. But there’s no reason to expect the problem to return within the next several years – if appropriate spending discipline is maintained.

What a bunch of ridiculous, brown-nosing, ass kissing, embarrassing, pathetic, juvenile drivel. It is sad that such garbage even gets printed in a “major” daily newspaper…


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