Are the Democrats for or against senior citizens?

According to an AP story posted by the Baltimore Examiner and others:

Sen. Delores Kelley, D-Baltimore County, first tried to take landscaping services out of the bill. Kelley said she has heard from hundreds of landscapers whose businesses have suffered from drought can’t imagine how they would start implementing the tax.

But Sen. Ulysses Currie said “people who are able to bring in lawn services would be able to pay this tax.” Currie, D-Prince George’s, also said there could be further changes when the House acts on the proposal.

Several of my neighbors use lawn services. Almost without exception they are senior citizens on fixed incomes and no longer physically capable of doing heavy yard work. The Democrats led by Currie, whose committee added this tax, must be determined to penalize our seniors for growing old.

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Is this an example of the Democratic Party’s compassion and concern for senior citizens?

Or is it an attempt to impoverish old folks, drive them out of their homes and make them dependents of the state so there will be an excuse to raise taxes even more?

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