Anti-Tax/Anti-O’Malley Anthem Contest

In “honor” of O’Malley’s tax and spend schemes making their way through the General Assembly, I am hosting a contest to select an anti-tax/anti OMalley anthem. I will be taking your suggestions. The winner will preferably be an Irish rock/folk song to remind the governor that he is acting like the tyrant that many of those songs rail against. However, the contest is open to all genres.

I will be posting all suggestions on The Main Adversary. A blue-ribbon panel will select the finalists. The winner will be chosen in a poll of the finalists. The winning song will be played during the Tuesday evening O’Malley Watch Updates on WAMD AM 970.

Send your suggestions to A Youtube vid of the song will be helpful, just add the embed link in your email. Let me know if you do or do not want your name posted along with your suggestion.

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