Another “Republican” I wonder about.

According to the November 2 Gazette, Del. Tanya T. Shewell (R-5) wants to fine publishers for delivering unwanted free newspapers.

‘‘If people can say, ‘Do not call me,’ then people can say, ‘Do not drop papers on my lawn,’” said Shewell (R-Dist. 5A) of Westminster.

Shewell plans to introduce her bill in January.

Her bill would require publications to include a toll-free number so residents can request delivery be stopped, she said.

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The publisher would then have seven days to stop delivery. If deliveries are not stopped, the publisher could be fined up to $100 per occurrence.

‘‘This would work similar to the Do Not Call list,” Shewell said.
* * *
The complaints focus on The Baltimore Examiner and The Merchandiser, Shewell said.

Baltimore Examiner Publisher Michael Beatty and Valerie Stokes, general manager of The Merchandiser, did not return messages.

The Gazette also delivers to homes unsolicited in its circulation area, a practice the industry refers to as total market coverage. It also maintains a ‘‘do-not-deliver” list.

Sounds to me more like a liberal’s plan than a Republican’s, but I guess it is not unusual now that the Republican Party keeps moving away from lean government and toward nannyism and government regulation of everything.

Anyway, I seem to have the opposite problem. The Examiner and Gazette have apparently redlined my neighborhood and won’t deliver papers, wanted or not, and they won’t even keep their nearby boxes stocked with papers.

This is a long-established predominately African-American neighborhood, near the DC line, virtually crime-free island surrounded by higher-crime areas, single-family homes, 90+% owner occupied, mostly well-off working people with good jobs (high percentage in education or government) or retirees, over a third of the mortgages paid off, with several politically active families, but we’re not wanted by the newspapers. I won’t make any accusations, but I wonder which demographic factor(s) tip the balance against us, especially since I see papers in other neighborhoods with similar houses and people, but located outside the Beltway.

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