And By Their Works, etc…

Idiots, especially, are known this way.

Here I’m talking about Howard County Democrat Delegate Shane Pendergrass.

Over in my area of the state we have “tip jar” gaming licensed at the county level. Pretty simple concept. You buy a printed ticket with a number on it. If your number is in the jar, you win. The business that runs the operation keeps some of the money and 15% of the profits are kicked back to the county gaming commission for distribution to charities.

Pendergrass has chosen to target the tip jar operation in Allegany, Garrett, Washington and Frederick counties out of a combination of malice and stupidity. Malice because she is attempting to take a fairly inconsequential amount of money from a state perspective, money that is used to support local charities and fire and rescue companies, away from counties that have a fairly small tax base to begin with. And counties that, oddly enough, vote Republican. Stupidity because she just is:

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“This is competing with the state lottery,” she said. “It may be that we all have to look at the bigger picture. If I have $10 and I live in Western Maryland, I could spend my $10 on the lottery. Why shouldn’t the state get that money? In Howard County, I can’t play a tip jar. I do understand why local officials would be concerned.”

When challenged by the usually supine Bob Maginnis of the Hagerstown Herald-Mail on her assertion that tip jars take money from the state lottery

“It’s just a personal guess,” she said. “There’s no fact behind it.”

How about this solution? If you are really jonesin’ to play a tip jar drive over to Frederick County and they’ll take care of you. Better yet, why not get tip jars authorized in Howard County?

The fact that she hasn’t tried speaks volumes to her motives and her character. She’s obviously torqued that Western Maryland’s delegation is not going to reprise Monica Bellucci’s classic role in Irreversible when it comes to voting for new taxes to suppor Ken Ulman’s latest big idea. So being a petty person she’s decided upon a petty response. Par for the course.

She needs to be told to screw with her own constituents and leave us alone:

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