An Abscess on the Peace Process

It’s going to be difficult enough to conduct Middle East Peace talks in any setting, given the individuals, the personalities, and the interests on all sides when they come to the table.

So why in the world does it make sense that a Governor who can’t even keep his own house in order wants to stick his nose where it does not belong?

Governor O’Malley has been a catastrophic failure in his scant ten months governing this state. His record on domestic issues has been a record of setback after setback, lessening the standard of living here in Maryland. His presence in the middle of the peace process is nothing more than that of an abscess, an unwanted growth that does harm and not good. The State Department should take steps to make sure that O’Malley’s record of failure, and his record as someone who goes out of his way to avoid building consensus does not taint an already fragile peace process.


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