A two-point gain for John McCain

While my Red Maryland cohorts are all over the special session like ants on a picnic, I decided it was time for a quick detour…

Aside from the neat rhyme I came up with for the title, I think I’m getting this political prediction stuff down a little bit. You may recall what I said when former Presidential candidate Sam Brownback dropped out of the Presidential race:

My money is on (Brownback endorsing) McCain as he’s a fellow Senator and has a similar stance on immigration as well. It would give a little bit of a boost to McCain, who was once the odds-on favorite but slipped deep into the field after the immigration fiasco.

Interestingly enough to me, the basis of the endorsement seemed to be on McCain’s pro-life stance. Not mentioned was the commonality of their views on immigration, which is an issue resonating with more voters.

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Overall, it looks like John McCain could be resurrecting his campaign as the anti-Giuliani on social issues. While Mike Huckabee treads much of the same ground, McCain has more experience with Presidential politics and is running one to twelve points ahead of Huckabee in national polling.

Like Tommy Thompson’s tasks within the Rudy Giuliani presidential bid, Brownback moves into a position within the McCain campaign that could draw him to places like Delmarva. As a General Co-Chair, Brownback’s first task was to accompany McCain on a campaign swing through Iowa and Michigan.

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