A Suggestion

It’s just a thought…but we really should let the people decide this issue at the ballot box.

No, I’m not talking about slots. I’m talking about petitioning whatever tax bill is signed by the Governor to the ballot next fall. This is the time where all of those who are opposed to the tax increase can unite, collect signatures, and prepare to continue the fight against radical taxation.

And I am sure that legislative Democrats would support our efforts. I mean, they were so excited to give the people a voice on slots, I’m positive that they want people to cast a yes or no vote on these massive tax increases

Well….can we the people of Maryland do it?

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EDIT(2:42 PM): A Commenter notes, accurately, that Revenue bills can’t be petitioned to the ballot. But I leave the post up just to note that the bill can’t be petitioned. Isn’t it sad that the right of people to have their voice heard on taxes is nonexistent in our state?

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