A Blinding Flash of the Obvious

One of the conceits of blogging is that every once in a while you get the feeling that you’ve made a small difference. Maybe not a difference by yourself, but a difference by working in concert with like-minded people.

Yesterday was one of those occasions. The venue was a Baltimore Sun editorial.

Since the coronation of Governor O’Malley the Baltimore Sun has been little more than a lapdog. In fact, your standard lapdog would more closely resemble a Michael Vick property than the Baltimore Sun would resemble the fierceness of your standard lapdog. So imagine my surprise when I came across this on the subject of slots:

O’Malley administration officials say they’re offended by any suggestion of impropriety in their choice of five locations for slot machines. But the fact that the owner of Ocean Downs in Worcester County has given nearly $400,000 in political donations and now stands to own one of those slots licenses certainly suggests his contributions didn’t go unnoticed.

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This from the paper that lauded the land scam run by O’Malley cronies as good public policy. This from the paper that has been utterly supine in its reporting on the massive tax increase proposed by O’Malley and essentially relegated itself to publish the governor’s press releases.

Like I said, you get the feeling you made a differnce. We, along with O’Malley Watch and others, have been writing for weeks about the obvious appearance of corruption in the governor’s proposed allocation of slots licenses. And we have to give a big high five to Senator Lowell Stoltzfus for having the courage to ask a question of one of the governor’s minions that reporters should have been asking ever since the slots plan was floated.

The slots bill slated for a vote in the House today removes the Ocean Downs site from the bill and saves Maryland the disgrace of having a cash payoff to governor buy a constitutional right for a political contributor.

Did we really make a difference? Who knows.

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