Wynn vs Edwards Fundraising

Outside the Gilchrest-Harris match up in MD-1 the only other interesting federal election in Maryland is the re-match between Albert Wynn and Donna Edwards in MD-4. You will note that I’m not including the spectacle of Roscoe Bartlett beating Andrew Duck like a rented mule.

The top line.

Albert Wynn reports raising $131,320 in the previous quarter, $64,780 from individual contributions and $66,400 from PACs, he spent $130,468 and has $400,286 on hand.

Donna Edwards reports raising $83,550 ($82,450 from individuals and $1100 from PACs), she spent $78,504 and has $115,965 cash on hand.

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Both sides have their spin on this. Edwards says Wynn is getting a lot of his money from PACs and Wynn says most of Edwards’s individual donors live outside the district. They both appear to be correct.

Spin aside, the fact is that Albert Wynn is vastly outraising Donna Edwards. And given his near death experience in 2006 we can bet his constituent service people are working with much more intensity than in the past. Absent a scandal, and one really has to take a deep breath and ponder what kind of scandal would hurt a Dem politician in Maryland, Wynn is going to coast to victory in 2008.

Ed note: We’d like to note that the WaPo’s Maryland Moment wrongly reports Edwards’s fundraising, follow the link above to here actual filing.

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