Will His Honor Royal Governor Martin O’Malley Get What He Wants?

by Regina Sztajer
Posted by Robert

“Maryland counties should shoulder a significant portion of budget cuts if the General Assembly can’t raise the revenue to address a 1.7 billion budget deficit,” House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said Monday, (www.hometownannapolis.com 10/23/07 Brian Witte. O’Malley says he wants to avoid burdening the counties and Miller is optimistic that most of the Governor budget deficit proposals will be accepted during the special session that begins October 29. Uncertain is the proposed slot machine plan for which O’M’alley favors a referendum vote. The main feature of the tax plan is tax plan is the enactment of a sales tax increase from 5 to 6 cents. Monday evening October 29, O’Malley will address the General Assembly and then there will be hearings in several committees, Tuesday through Friday. Also on Friday initial will be taken! Miller hopes to wrap up the session in just two weeks.

In the meantime various counties have objected to O’Malley’s tax proposals. Harford County State Senator Nancy H. Jacobs (R-District 34 said, ” People are getting the message that O’Malley’s not just about the deficit. If he would have just level-funded the budget for at least the next three years, we wouldn’t be in the position where we’d have to raise taxes.” (www.examiner.com 10/23/07 Matthew Santoni. Harford counties conservative leaning constituency is worried about raising taxes when shoppers can go to nearby Delaware to shop and pay no sales taxes. Jacobs is not in favor of a special session but rather considering the tax plan during the regular session in January when legislatures could really scrutinize the budget for possible cuts. Delegate Barry Glassman (R District 35) of Harford County also thinks the tax plan should be shelved until the January session because it limits the public’s ability to participate. Up till now e-mails, phone calls and conversations have indicated voters are 7-to-1 against any tax increase. Carroll County and Anne Arundel County voters and lawmaker unanimously oppose the Governor’s tax budget plan.
Raising taxes concerns all Maryland residents and is not a partisan issue. On Monday October 29th every voter will have the chance to voice their opinion about the largest tax hike in Maryland history.

” The No Tax Hike Rally”Monday Oct.29, 2007 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at Lawyers MallAnnapolis, Md.

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Every concerned citizen should attend to voice your concern about O’Malley’s tax plan. Residents of District 8 to 42 should visit Delegates Bromwell, Schuler and Lafferty because they won by the narrowest margins in what was very bad Republican year. They should be reminded you will remember how they voted on taxes and that you will hold them accountable in the future. Car pool and get the word out to friends, relatives, coworkers and etc. Do not leave it to someone else to speak for you.

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