Wayne Gilchrest’s Rent-A-Challenger Program

According to a front page story in today’s Washington Times, Wayne Gilchrest’s campaign manager, Tony Caligiuri, recruited former Ehrlich administration functionary Robert Joseph Banks to run in the MD-1 primary against, drum roll, Wayne Gilchrest.

Now naturally, the Gilchrest campaign denies this, but at this point I think their credibility has wounded, perhaps mortally, by their actions thusfar. Mr. Gilchrest has already rewritten his voting record on the Iraq War and has claimed, in his campaign literature, endorsements that he just doesn’t have.

We, quite honestly, don’t know what, if anything, Mr. Banks is running for or against. To date his web site is a tabula rasa to say the least. What at least gives the allegations credence is that Mr. Banks doesn’t live in the district he’s seeking to represent. In fact, the only thing Mr. Banks seems to bring to the table is that his name will be top of the ballot and will presumably garner a lot of support from the fairly potent “anybody but Gilchrest” demographic in MD-1.

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