Wayne Gilchrest has a race on his hands

We reported last week on fund raising by Andy Harris, now we have Wayne Gilchrest’s totals.

In the heated Republican primary for the 1st Congressional District seat, U.S. Rep. Wayne Gilchrest holds a narrow edge in his campaign chest over his challenger, State Sen. Andy Harris, R-Harford-Baltimore counties. But since entering the race in May, Harris has raised nearly twice as much as the nine-term incumbent, according to figures released by the campaigns.

Gilchrest has $414,000 in cash on hand, while Harris has $402,000. Harris has raised $526,000 since he began running in May, $352,000 in the last three months. Gilchrest has raised $182,000 this year, and $91,000 through Sept. 30. Detailed reports for the third quarter are due at the Federal Election Commission today.

Unless Wayne Gilchrest begins raising money the odds of his survival go way down. Senator Harris is actively campaigning with a message that resonates with the conservative First District (Bush took 62% in 2004). When Gilchrest takes time out from voting with the the Pelosi/Murtha wing of the Democrat party he resembles a man sleepwalking through the process. He is either so confident of victory he thinks it is beneath him to campaign or he feels, like the rest of us, that he no longer deserves to represent his district in Congress.

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