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The ICC Stalled Again

I hope I live long enough to see the Intercounty Connector started, much less completed.

The planned groundbreaking scheduled for October 16 has been put on hold by a coalition of the bought, paid for, and needlessly exercised headed by the Sierra Club and the Environmental Defense Fund.

They claim that in the 50 years this project has been contemplated, studied, and argued about that the MDOT environmental impact statement neglected to consider the effects of the extra exhaust on the health of school children (apparently the rest of the populace doesn’t count and apparently they didn’t care about the exhaust along the I-270 and I-95 corridors and the decrease in traffic there) and the possiblity of improving local roads (which, presumably, would produce no exhaust).

This is simply a delaying tactic that is calculated to raise funds for the two organizations. Nothing more or less. Why a federal judge allowed these clowns in his courtroom is anyone’s guess.

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