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I’m hesitant to even give Free State Politics more traffic then they deserve, but since Andrew Kujan has to be smoking dope to come to this cockamamie conclusion, it has to be addressed.

See what I mean below the fold…

The fact of the matter is that the family in question that is kvetching because they don’t have health insurance makes somewhere around half as much money as I do. Yet they have three-times as much square footage of livable space as I do in a more expensive community. They also have four more kids than I do. And choose to spend a boat load on private schools.

So answer me this: who are the parents who pay for private schooling? Who are the parents that choose to have a 3,000 square foot house? Who are the parents who choose to work at jobs with no health care? And why the hell should I have to pay for their poor parenting skills? And to why should some dolts who make choices to spend beyond their means deserves to be protected from ridicule by the right because they are “a white male, who is both married and a small business owner with more than 2 children, who sends his kids to private school and drives an SUV?” Particularly when you consider that said subject is knowingly trying to live off of my money, not their own?

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So Andrew: who really is undertaking a rectal self-examination in this instance?

I don’t think anybody is saying that there should not be certain government assistance for uninsured children. But to fall for this claptrap from the left, trotting out the kids of parents who pay thousands in private school tuition but can’t afford medical bills, is beyond ridiculous. It is the very definition of disingenuous and shows everything that is wrong with the modern fringe left.

Of course, when the modern left is so chicken that it has to hide behind children in order to score cheap political points, you knew all of that already…


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