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The “Cost of Delay”

Earlier this morning O’Gov released his “Cost of Delay” budget for FY 2009.

This doomsday budget “analysis” is nothing more than fear mongering by the O’Malley administration. There is now a crisis and if the General Assembly doesn’t act now to implement his plan (which is what O’Gov means by “consensus”) O’Malley will be forced to cut funding for education, nursing homes, libraries, the arts etc… You know all the warm and fuzzy stuff government is now supposed to provide. It is a standard ploy. Remember that the next time you hear a liberal accusing Republicans of playing on our fears.

This is delicious irony at its best, given that O’Gov himself used a riff on the fear mongering trick to attack the president, likening a Bush budget cut to the 9/11 attacks.

Furthermore, this is even more ironic because O’Malley delayed all this himself by not acting to address the deficit in the 2007 legislative session.

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